About Us

Hello every one if you want to know about me or my boyfriend you can check out our videos on youtube.

This is our little balcony for the next two days with the most epic view of Vanessa for you members in after well afternoon on the beach ridiculous there’s our house you go to the restaurant, yeah yeah we’re here finally your name Thomas not really just love these tiny little streets and south of France and in Tokyo and now here like these are always my favorite parts of small cities to explore just feels like I think what it is it feels like you’re going back in time and when you’re in a small town like this it just feels like more rural and old school and the adventure begins okay we’re gonna walking enough now we go home please this is huh oh no that’s not the trail right just to be clear the train takes this exact same location right yeah well we’re walking okay just wanted to make sure nothing bit just like beautiful rugged coastline until we get to Marchesa

Thank you