The Best Surprise of My Life in ITALY

Hey, guys, this is my boyfriend Thomas and since we aren’t traveling right now I’ve been going through my archives and I found a really special video that we made in Italy last summer we went back to Cinque Terre he had never been there before it’s a group of five cities on the coast in northern Italy and he surprised me with something amazing this travel vlog was never meant to be
shared with the public it was more of something we did for ourselves it was actually made before I even had a youtube channel that’s true so enjoy one of the cheesiest travel vlogs that you’ll probably ever see from our welcome back to another episode of Thomas and Jamie gin Oh Lexi goes on a road trip she’s dragging me along actually would much rather not be here but sure okay what two hours late a wizard is always on time he arrives precisely when he means we’re getting close to that time so pretty we almost missed the train by two minutes Wow we’ve never been able to find this time, okay you going here.

This is our little balcony for the next two days with the most epic view of Vanessa for you members in after well afternoon on the beach ridiculous there’s our house you go to the restaurant, yeah yeah we’re here finally your name Thomas not really just love these tiny little streets and south of France and in Tokyo and now here like these are always my favorite parts of small cities to explore just feels like I think what it is it feels like you’re going back in time and when you’re in a small town like this it just feels like more rural and old school and the adventure begins okay we’re gonna walking enough now we go home please this is huh oh no that’s not the trail right just to be clear the train takes this exact same location right yeah well we’re walking okay just wanted to make sure nothing bit just like beautiful rugged coastline until we get to Marchesa the main tool under also Monte Rosa here we can well it makes you found this incredible restaurant and silicide street and we’re about to eat this mushroom risotto that looks absolutely Baja what my god dragon this is definitely as pretty as you said it was if not actually probably a lot prettier I didn’t really know what I was expecting with this is it’s surreal actually being here you see the pictures and it seems like such a mesmerizing place then you arrive in your life well let’s go swim right there yes.

what have we done the most beautiful prosciutto in Cuba and smoked ham and Brie and olives yeah so today we hiked all the way up here into their kind of funny that we’re staying in an apartment called the honeymoon or to the fun part and skip all of the commitment just cheese Bing what a perfect ending to a perfect day vo manually this is the picture going on the very end really cute it’s really small marina is right down this little narrow hallway thomas hasn’t seen it yet and we have arrived at the video maturity Beach spot mini paradise and that marks the end of our trip well thank you guys so much for that you come back for my next travel vlog I can’t put up this is why I haven’t made any other videos with him yet you having fun did you think I was gonna hit you well you guys have been asking a lot to see Thomas in some of my videos he’s just so dang cute well let me know if you want to see more of them in the comments and I will catch you next week.

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